Are you a Jackie or a Marilyn?

In an over sexed society where the newest trends are continuously pushing the enveloping (sometimes resembling what a alien coked-out hooker would wear) the revival of the 60’s more subdued minx is just what the doctor ordered.  But seriously sometimes I see people on the street and think O god that poor girl she is actually so poor she couldn’t afford pants. O wait no she ACTUALLY choose to look that way. With the 60’s inspired shows dominating the airwaves it isn’t hard to see why the playful color scheme, feminine silhouettes and micro-hemlines are “trending” in the fashion world. Here are 2 outfits inspired by some by the wardrobes seen on these beloved new shows (Mad Men, Pan Am and Playboy Club (even though it was short lived).  To me nothing is sexier then leaving things to the imagination, so get inspired and put together an assemble that is lady like, ethereal and demure. What’s the old saying, “a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets?”

Shoes and Bag for the Pants Outfit       Clutch for the Dress 

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Red Juicy Apples my Dear

Red Delicious Apples

As it is prime apple picking season I have started incorporating apples into my baking routine.  My favorite fall pastry is apple turnovers, which are   surprisingly easy to make. If you are new to baking I would suggest using frozen puff pastry dough (It’s much easier/ cuts down on your prep-time) But if you are up for the challenge I would use this recipe \(think cliff notes version of puff pastry).  I usually thaw the puff pastry dough for 45 minutes so that it’s semi-frozen (which makes it much easier to work with ) . Then I just follow this simple recipe for the ooey gooey apple turnover filling. (I substituted in red delicious apples for granny smith apples, since they aren’t in season right now). These delicious treats are prefect for anytime of day.

Apple Filling

Apple Filling



Crime Against Humanity

No I am not talking about the genocide in Uganda or the fact women and children are being forced into sex trafficking, the crime against humanity I am referring to here is ….. Toe Running Shoe

OK the ONLY time these are socially acceptable to be worn are in these specific situations;

1. During a marathon

2. During an iron man marathon

3. You were just robbed and the robber stole all of your shoes except these (because even he/ she recognized their hideousness)

4. You are wearing them to be ironic (aka you are drunk and want to make your friends laugh)

Seriously sometimes I see people wearing these shoes and think to myself OMG look there is a merperson who stop mid-transformation into their human form. Seriously the government needs to step in and ban their sale in the United States for the general populations safety (public eye safety).

Jubel zum Oktoberfest

Cheers to October! And what better way to celebrate than drinking beer and enjoying some sausage? That’s exactly what my friends and I did this past Saturday at the Shirlington Oktoberfest festival. After enjoying some delicious food we sampled some local and german beers. Now I’m not a beer connoisseur (I drink natty lite and think its good) but I love when breweries come out with their fall inspired ales for this time of year! My personal favorites are the pumpkin ales, because in the words of Stephanie Robinson “they taste like what I imagine pumpkin juice tastes like.” All in all it was a perfect fall day for perusing the beer laden streets.