Viva Brazil

Any country that has a national cocktail is my kind of place, but seriously. I feel like they just do it better in Brazil ( minus the whole crime aspect… o well can’t win them all, right?) Brazilians are pretty (5 VS models are from Brazil), really good at football (Have won the world cup 5 times), and love to have a good time ( Brazil is practically referenced in every party song out right now) . Caipirinhas are a tribute to their maker they are delicious and refreshing.( And surprisingly strong) Here is simple recipe for them,

1 Lime cut into eighths

1 teaspoon of sugar

2 1/2 oz of cachaca


In a mortar ( if you don’t have one use a bowl and a spoon) crush up 2/8 of the lime and 1 teaspoon of sugar with the pestle. Then place the sugar + lime mix into a shaker add the cachaca and ice and vigorously shake for about 30 seconds. Wet the rim of your drinking glass with the lime and rub on some sugar, then add your drink mixture to the glass. Viola you have a caipirinha.




Radiant Skin

After a long night of going H.A.M, you can usually bet you look like a haggard hangover betch in the am. Since no one wants to roll around town looking like Lindsay Lohan on her way to her DUI hearing/ Rehab/ or Community Service (Good God her plastic surgeon/ dermatologist are going make a fortune off her!). To erase all the mistakes from last night (at least from your face) I usually use my Clairsonic Skincare brush to make my skin look as radiant as a cherub’s. (cuz if you can’t act like a cherub you can at least look one). Enjoy!


Clairsonic-BCA Pink

*Don’t use any type of face wash with microdermabrasion beads with this brush, it will leave your skin looking like you survived small pox. ( aka not cute)

Neon Lights

The New Year is upon and that can only mean 1 thing that its time for our favorite stores to receive their ’12 spring lines ( makes perfect sense who isn’t wearing a bikini in January?) So a major trend for the new spring season is neon colors. These bright color pallets can be seen in almost every major designers runway shows. From color block dresses to the monochrom neon outfits, these BRIGHT color pallets are reflective of the trends in music, travel and tv. These fun, flirty and loud colors are a perfect addition for your spring and summer wardrobe. More of an all black kind of girl or not into following the trends? Try working these brights into your wardrobe in small ways ( like blets, purses, nail or accessories) Check out some of my new favs:

Alice + Olivia


Bar Lil Belt

Rag and Bone


For me there is nothing better than putting on a pair of gorgeous pair of stiletto booties (especially from Michael Kors, that is my version of nirvana). This love affair with shoes seems to be a common sentiment amongst women  (hence why we are willing to pay $700 for a pair of Choos) I mean seriously you could have gotten an ipad or a Dell computer for that amount. But there is nothing better than that “Devil Wears Prada” moment, when other bitches look down at your tootsies and practically have a shoegasm just from looking at your pumps. That look of envy that they give you…. is almost worth the money. Because let’s be serious it’s the little things in life that get us through.


Kors by Michael Kors

Jimmy Choo