Popeye the Sailor Man

Normally I have a hard time eating anything green and leafy unless its a salad, but I force myself to eat spinach (b/c it has a ton of anti-oxidants etc). Eating spinach is my feeble attempt at counter-acting all the bad things I put in my body (alcohol and big macs).

Spinach Souffle

Spinach Souffle

Spinach souffle is my favorite way to incorporate spinach into my diet. This recipe is fairly easy and will make everyone think you are a cooking pro! This is the recipe I used, but I skipped the  cream of tartar. One really important tip is that once you put the souffle in the oven don’t open the oven door! Otherwise you will end up with a deflated/ droopy/ dry souffle ( aka it will resemble Joan Rivers face in between face lifts)


Chicken Dance

Since the super bowl is coming up this weekend I thought I would post a recipe for some finger lick’n’goodness (and no not the dirty kind, get your mind out of the gutter) I’m talking about fried chicken wings. I know that diabetes and obesity are on the rise, but who can resist deep fried chicken goodness (Obviously not Paula Dean, wait is it to soon for that joke?) This is a simple and easy recipe for fried chicken:

Marinate the chicken in salt, pepper, garlic powder and buttermilk ( I usually just eyeball the amount according to how much chicken I’m making) Let it marinate for 2-3 hours.

In a paper bag mix 1 1/2 cups of flour, 2/3 cups of cornstarch, 2 teaspoon of salt and 3/4 of teaspoon of pepper. Then add the chicken to the flour mixture and shake. In a large cast iron pot heat oil to 350 (I like to use peanut oil ) then add the chicken and cook for about 10-15 mins per batch. (or until the outside is a crispy golden brown color)

Superbowl Fried Chicken

These are a few of my favorite things…

Here are some things that I can’t get enough of right now :

1. Gingerale- I think the last time I had one of these I was 8, but I swear it is the best hangover/ life remedy. * I know everyone swears that diet coke is the  BEST hangover remedy, but it has aspertain aka it will give you pre-mature Alzheimer… have fun with that!

2. Eccentric clutches- I don’t know, but I get so happy when I see these outrageous little numbers

3. Sandalwood Rose essential oil- great substitue for perfume

4. The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas- After watching Revenge I was inspired to re-read the classic revenge story