Rosemary Lamb Chops

Lamb Chop Recipe

4 cloves of garlic

2 pinches of coarse salt

Dash of pepper

Dash of rosemary

First marinate the chops in LOTS of garlic, salt, pepper and rosemary ( this depends on the amount of meat you are cooking) so just eyeball it, let that marinate for about 30-45 mins. Then set the oven to high broil and cook about 10 minutes on each side ( it should be medium/ rare, make sure you watch b/c if you over cook it will be hard as a rock/ dry…yuck). So deviate from your chicken routine and make some lamb…. its whats for dinner.

Rosemary Lamb Chops

Dream Girl

life in plastic

Commemorative 50th Anniversary Barbie

In today’s day and age most little girls look to celebrities as their “role models”, which is a scary thought considering how popular Kim Kardashian is right now. (please dear God one of her is enough). Last week the versatile career woman, fashionista and  the most reinvented woman turned 53, yes you guessed it’s BARBIE. Now originally Ruth Handler envisioned Barbie as toy that would allow little girls everywhere to act out their deepest fantasies and their hopes for the future. Ruth had the genius idea to dress Barbie in haute couture inspired gowns and frocks (gold mine). This dream girl is the ideal role model (minus the whole measurements not found in nature thing, but seriously she’s a doll she’s not suppose to be realistic) she is everything “you” want to be/ dreams/goals (alright im done with the whole motivational speach). Not only has Barbie been an inspiration for me, but so has her maker, Ruth. Take a second to view this video about Ruth and what inspired her to create this “dream girl”.

Oh, I’m having so much fun!

Well Barbie, we’re just getting started

Oh, I love you Ken!

Rawr, Means I love you in Dinosaur


Jurassic Park

As spring is upon so is baby shower/ bridal shower season, if you are one of the lucky (screwed) few that are hosting one of these shindigs might I suggest investing in some fondant. We hosted a baby shower for one of my cousins this past fall and I was responsible for making cupcakes and cookies for her party. Her theme was dinosaur, so I decided to create some dino inspired cupcakes and cookies. I made red velvet* and carrot cake* cupcakes that I covered with green buttercream frosting and the icing on the cake were these little dinosaurs that I made of fondant (that I used as cake toppers). I used this tutorial to create my first cupcake topper, the T-Rex. The rest of his dino friends I free handed and used photos of dinosaurs as inspiration ( mind you, my toppers aren’t all biologically accurate). I bought pre-made fondant (Wilson’s Brand), an exacto knife, clear vanilla extract and paint brushes from Michael’s.  I used crisco to smooth all the wrinkles and folds within the fondant. I made these little critters about a week before the party so I stored them on a cookie sheet and in tupperware within my refrigerator, so that they would maintain their soft and dough like consistency. I suggest only taking out a small amount of fondant to work with at a time so that it doesn’t dry out.

I used apple cider vinger instead of white vinger while making the red velvet cupcakes*

The carrot cake recipe is a family secret, so if I told you I would have to kill ya*

These  fondant cupcake toppers  were cute little addition and made her cupcakes more personal

Hopeless Romantic

I know this title conjures up images of rom-coms, love notes and happily ever after, but what I actually am referring to is more philosophical (more of a state of mind). To me someone who is a “romantic” is whimsical, believes in the improbable, loves the idea of something and has an ethereal quality in their fashion sense( aka these song lyrics) . (Think Gil from Midnight in Paris) I am definitely guilty of romanticizing so many of aspects of my life (which isn’t always a good thing) . Here are some things (books, fashions etc) that reminds me of the hopeless romantic .

1. Amory from This Side of Paradise by F.Scott Fitzgerald- This main character is in “Love” with the idea of love.

2. This lipstick– The softness of the color reminds me of an celestial mermaid (not really sure what that would look like, maybe an angel that mated with a mermaid?)

3. The new Essie nail polish collection- My favorite is the lavender hue

4. Cucumber Mint Gimlet – Because who doesn’t love a good gin based drink

5. Suprise Surprise these Michael Kors shoes – I mean I only have fantasy’s about them

So, don’t let anyone give you shit for going through your “post adolescent idealistic phase” thanks Clueless for the sound advice.

So Baroque

As all the designers have now debuted their new fall/ winter 2013 lines (silly me I still thought it was 2012) there are quiet a few trends emerging. The one I am most enamored with is the 16th century inspired frocks, being a huge history nerd, I instantly fell in love with Dolce & Gabbana’s fall/winter runway show . The orante detailing (can you say gold leaf?), the bedazzled head pieces, lace accents, textured fabrics and pictorial prints transported me to 16th century Spanish court (I have no idea if that was the actually inspiration, but that’s what it reminds me of and obviously I’m always right (if only)). Are some of the looks that D&G debuted a little ostentatious and out there? Ya, of course it’s haute couture (aka you would have to be on crack to think these looks are for everyday wear) BUT doesn’t mean you can’t work in this new trend into your pre-existing wardrobe. How so you ask? By accessorizing, my dear!  Large gold and gem jewelry (faux of course, cause not everyone is an heiress or Saudi Princess) bedazzled hair accessories (no not the berets you use to wear as a kid) lace stockings and floral embellishments (broaches, purses and scarves). These looks are soo 1500’s!