Down by the Bayou

Recently I have been itching to head back down to NOLA , I know why would you want to go to NOLA now the weather is terrible during the summer! But I’ve been craving beignets, hurricanes (the drink not the weather) and the nightlife. If you ask anyone who has been to NOLA for Mardi Gras they will tell you it’s the best and worst time they have ever had. Best time because you can drink in the streets and anything goes. Worst because you do nothing but party for days on end (that is if you are doing it correctly) and you liver/body hates you.  Lucky for there are people in the DC area who share my love for New Orleans, so this weekend I will be heading out to Bayou bakery and picking up some beignets. While in NOLA I waited in line for an hour and 1/2 to get beignets from the legendary Cafe du Monde of course I sipped cocktails the whole time I was line, which made the experience actually bearable, so the bar is set pretty high (maybe impossibly so).

Dats uh big alluhgatuh 


Under the Sea

With the current heat wave, I have been craving light and refreshing dinners. that are quick to assemble (b/c with this heat I feel so unmotivated to cook like julia child.)  Here is my favorite dish to make sea food pasta salad:

Sea Food Pasta Salad

Snap Peas



Yellow bell peppers

In a wok saute your vegetables in olive oil, garlic  and salt. Then remove these and place into a bowl, then cook the scallops in olive oil, lemon juice and salt. Cook until the scallops are browned. Then combine all ingredients and mix in some champange vinaigrette, olive oil and salt to taste and your done.


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