So I was a little slow to learn about this new phenomenon that’s apparently defining the 20something generation, known to the trendy population as “Girls.” I tried to get on board with this show, but seriously I can’t. I am one of those girls who doesn’t get “Girls”.

wait I don’t get it

Not to rag on the show, but I find it kind of whiny. Maybe it’s because I don’t really know anyone who is like those girls (I know they’re suppose to be a hyperbole of people like them) ,but for some reason I can’t connect. After watching a few episodes (4 to be exact) I just found the show weird, sad and dear god it has a ton of feelings.

I just have a lot of feelings

Of course I thought there were some clever one-liners and think it has an interesting voice, but its not for me. I guess I will always be more of a Cher Horowitz kind of girl.

How do you feel about “Girls”?