Most people create a resolution list after News Year day, but I find doing one after celebrating a birthday way more effective. So last night I sat down and brainstormed ideas of ; goals, behaviors I want to change and things I want to learn before my next birthday. Having just celebrated my 24th birthday 2 weeks ago I thought having 24 items on my “inspiration list” would be fitting.  Now sharing all 24 would be extremely boring for you so I will share my top 7 .

1. Start making moves to move aboard

2. Travel to 1 new place this year (domestically or internationally)

3. Learn 1 new thing in my job industry a month and find a way to apply it.

4. Take more risks (romantically)

5. Be more consistent about my blog posting

6. Stop saying “yes”  all the time to people at work

7. Be more spontaneous ( I love to plan and one of my favorite mottos is ; “preventive measures”

8. Take advantage of the tourist attractions of D.C. ( As a Washingtonian you tend to forget how much your city has to offer)

Thank you to my friends & family for helping me celebrate!

Thank you to my friends & family for helping me celebrate!

Leave me a comment and let me know what is on your inspiration list?


#Throw Back Thursday

I have noticed a recent running trend in my closet; I own so many pieces that pay homage to 1960’s (like this). These 1960’s trends have been reemerging in fashion, television, advertisements and photography and I don’t hate it! The flattering silhouettes, bright colors, bold patterns and costume jewelry are the perfect tie-ins for summer.  I featured some of my favorite 1960’s inspired dresses; their tailoring, color, and fit make them the ideal for summer work or play.


This dress is from Lilly Pulitzer, shoes are from Kate Spade (old,  but here are a similar version) and the purse is a no-name vintage.

DSC_0219shh… I stole this from my mom’s closet a while back, she got it in NYC when she was just 22 and Im obsessed.


earrings from j.crew outlet (old, but find similar here)

LadyThis is a photo of when my mom first came to America when she was 18, she is my ultimate fashion inspiration. #tbt