When you wish upon a star…

Last month my family and I celebrated Gabe’s third birthday (they grow up so fast!) with the one and only Mickey Mouse. I thought that this cake would be easier than the fire truck one I made last year, which was only half right. I made a white cake using a recipe from the Food Network (very similar to the one I made last year). Since most of my nephew’s party guests were under the age of five and picky eaters, I wanted to stick with the classics.  I only made two tweaks to this recipe. I doubled up the recipe to add some height to my 9×9 round cakes and I beat the sugar and butter for 45 minutes until it was really fluffy.

To make the basic Mickey Mouse shape I traced a small bowl onto some cardboard. Using this as a stencil I cut out 4 circles for the ears. I filled the layers with whipped cream and strawberry slices. I then shaved off a thin layer of the cake’s “crust” until the entire cake was smooth and even. I covered each circle with a thin layer of butter cream frosting. I then refrigerated the cake for 30 minutes to allow the buttercream frosting to set.

Mickey Mouse Club


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