Temptation Tuesday

Zara Floral Pants

Floral Pants –Zara

Unless you have been living under a rock for last 2 months you have noticed that floral patterns, especially pants, are really trendy right now. I love this pair from Zara I may have to scoop up a pair so I can wear them to work this spring/ summer.


Gatsby Darling


I can’t wait for the  “Great Gatsby” premiere, I’m weirdly obsessed with the 20’s and I feel like there is such a correlations between today’s generation and the 20’s. So I was very excited when a co-worker passed along to me that Brooks Brother’s did a Great Gatsby inspired collection.

1. Z : A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler 

2. Midnight in Paris 

3.  Dress : Alice and Olivia (old) 

4. Oxford Shoes: Steve Madden ( old, similar here

P.S. listen to the soundtrack here, my favorite tracks are All We Got and Crazy in Love.

Temptation Tuesday

Trippy One Piece

I saw this one piece on a tumblr recently and I have never seen one like it before its so interesting.I  love that it combined cutouts, floral and sheer into a bathing suit its so original. If anyone knows who this is by are where I can buy one similar to  it please leave a comment below because I definitely want to rock this bad boy on the beach this summer.



Suit Up

Dress- Wren, Jacket- Carolina Herrera (old), Boots- Steve Madden, Watch- Betsey Johnson (find a similar one here).

Very rarely do I find clothes that can translate from work appropriate to something I would wear on the weekend. I tend to be attracted to bold prints, colors and textures, which real doesn’t bode well when you are working in place as conservative as Washington DC. Luckily I work for a company that isn’t stiff, which allows me to show case  my more vibrant side at work. Below I have taken some outfits that aren’t NSFW (not safe for work) and made them more work aprops.

Bright Colors

Jacket: BCBG, Pants: Jcrew, Shirt: Gap, Shoes: Michael Kors and Hat: Lion of Porches.

Jacket- BCBG (find a similar one here), Pants- Jcrew, Shirt- Gap, Shoes- Michael Kors (old) and Hat: Lion of Porches (old).

Bold Prints


Dress- Zara ( find a similar one  here) and Boots- Steven Madden.

Temptation Tuesday


I have been dying to go PX in Alexandria for quite a while. I have always been really interested in the 1920’s and this interest has been spurred on by the upcoming release of the Great Gatsby.  It’s a combination of the classic drinks (many of my friends say I drink like an old man) and the secrecy that I find so intriguing. It’s a running joke that I was born in the wrong decade due to my obsession with the 20’s and the Victorian age.  I have plans in the works to go to PX with PIC , but until then I will be enjoying a gimlet.



1.15 oz of gin

1/2  of a  fresh lime 

carbonated water or club soda 

Place ice in a highball glass then, squeeze in 1/2 fresh lime juice then drop in lime. Add gin and soda water. 



Cherry blossoms are in the air


As a Washingtonian, you are obliged to make the hellish trek down to the tourist infested D.C. to gawk and marvel at the cherry blossoms. Don’t get me wrong they are beautiful, kudos nature, but the tourists and crowds can be a little overwhelming! Since the weather has been fluxing so much,  my PIC and I went down to the tidal basin and joined the millions of cherry blossom peepers. I hope all you tourists and Washingtonians are enjoying the beautiful weather and spring time activities. If you have the chance, I highly recommend seeing the blossoms, especially before they blow away!

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P.S. Cherry blossoms are so popular they have their own tumblr check it out.

Sweet Suprises


What to see how I filled these?

For a friend’s birthday, my best friend (aka my partner in crime) and I decided to bake him some homemade goodies. I turned to the most obvious person for inspiration, Martha Stewart,  and was instantly drawn to this particular recipe, like a moth to a flame. I am one of those really strange people who doesn’t enjoy frosting; I find it super sugary and usually gives me cotton mouth, so I try and avoid it all costs. I feel like it overwhelms the cake and overpowers the palate.  But for some reason put that frosting inside the cupcake and I can’t get enough (I know it makes absolute no sense). I used this recipe and it was surprisingly, easy. I didn’t have enough regular sized cupcake tins so I made some miniature versions of this sweet treat, which I had for breakfast on quite a few occasions. That’s healthy, right?


So I was a little slow to learn about this new phenomenon that’s apparently defining the 20something generation, known to the trendy population as “Girls.” I tried to get on board with this show, but seriously I can’t. I am one of those girls who doesn’t get “Girls”.

wait I don’t get it

Not to rag on the show, but I find it kind of whiny. Maybe it’s because I don’t really know anyone who is like those girls (I know they’re suppose to be a hyperbole of people like them) ,but for some reason I can’t connect. After watching a few episodes (4 to be exact) I just found the show weird, sad and dear god it has a ton of feelings.

I just have a lot of feelings

Of course I thought there were some clever one-liners and think it has an interesting voice, but its not for me. I guess I will always be more of a Cher Horowitz kind of girl.

How do you feel about “Girls”?