Most people create a resolution list after News Year day, but I find doing one after celebrating a birthday way more effective. So last night I sat down and brainstormed ideas of ; goals, behaviors I want to change and things I want to learn before my next birthday. Having just celebrated my 24th birthday 2 weeks ago I thought having 24 items on my “inspiration list” would be fitting.  Now sharing all 24 would be extremely boring for you so I will share my top 7 .

1. Start making moves to move aboard

2. Travel to 1 new place this year (domestically or internationally)

3. Learn 1 new thing in my job industry a month and find a way to apply it.

4. Take more risks (romantically)

5. Be more consistent about my blog posting

6. Stop saying “yes”  all the time to people at work

7. Be more spontaneous ( I love to plan and one of my favorite mottos is ; “preventive measures”

8. Take advantage of the tourist attractions of D.C. ( As a Washingtonian you tend to forget how much your city has to offer)

Thank you to my friends & family for helping me celebrate!

Thank you to my friends & family for helping me celebrate!

Leave me a comment and let me know what is on your inspiration list?


It’s FestaTime

For my mom’s 60th birthday, we decided to throw a big shindig to celebrate the 6 decades of her wonderful life.

Mother & Daughter

We asked guests to write down their favorite memory of my mom from the past 60 years.  On the sign-in table, I included one of my favorite photos of my mother and grandmother, which was actually featured in a DC magazine over 40 years ago.

My Dress: old DVF and Mom's Dress: DKNY

My Dress: old DVF and Mom’s Dress: DKNY

We decided on a peacock theme for the party. We bought a bunch of peacock feathers from z gallery, (also available from your local Micheal’s craft store). We placed the feathers in guests’ napkins to add to the peacock decor. Also from z gallery we picked up some glittered peacock napkin rings to use as a decorative touch for the centerpieces.  We kept the linens simple and used a combination of solid white and olive  green tablecloths. On top of the white tablecloths we placed peacock themed runners to add an extra pop.

Lucky for me my professional-event-planner- cousin made all of the center pieces for the party. She used purple and violet carnations and blue hydrangeas to create these little beauties. We perched the peacock napkin rings within the arrangements to give them a little extra sparkle.

To many more years!

Singing our heart out.

Again I was very lucky because my mom’s family helped by making a lot of the desserts featured above. For the most part, we served traditional Portuguese dishes and desserts such as flan.

Love Birds

The love birds

All in all the party was a great success and everyone had a wonderful time!