#Throw Back Thursday

I have noticed a recent running trend in my closet; I own so many pieces that pay homage to 1960’s (like this). These 1960’s trends have been reemerging in fashion, television, advertisements and photography and I don’t hate it! The flattering silhouettes, bright colors, bold patterns and costume jewelry are the perfect tie-ins for summer.  I featured some of my favorite 1960’s inspired dresses; their tailoring, color, and fit make them the ideal for summer work or play.


This dress is from Lilly Pulitzer, shoes are from Kate Spade (old,  but here are a similar version) and the purse is a no-name vintage.

DSC_0219shh… I stole this from my mom’s closet a while back, she got it in NYC when she was just 22 and Im obsessed.


earrings from j.crew outlet (old, but find similar here)

LadyThis is a photo of when my mom first came to America when she was 18, she is my ultimate fashion inspiration. #tbt


Crème de la crème

Last Wednesday, my friends and I celebrated Washington’s top restaurants at Washingtonian’s Best of Washington party. We were joined by about 2,000 other guests and spent the evening enjoying delicious morsels and Patron loaded signature cocktails. We were transported to another world inspired by vintage travel; the decor was a mixture of “Around The World in 80 Days” and “Oriental Express.”

Come Fly with Me

We were greeted by Pan Am style flight attendants who immediately directed us towards the “ticket station” (more commonly known as the bar.)

flight attendant

Photo courtesy of Revamp

After knocking back our first cocktail we made our way through the food maze. There were so many delicious items I cannot pick a favorite but Brasserie Beck, Haute Dog & Fries, Bourbon Steak and Menomale were out of this world. At every turn there was a new sight to take in (they really nailed the travelling atmosphere) from caricatures, photos booths, specialty alcohol booths and even a Good Humor ice cream trolley.

Hello, Hello!

Molly’s dress is from Pieces and Mine is from Karen Millen

One stand-out booth was the vodka-infused lemonade stand that served 4 different  flavors; watermelon rosemary, strawberry basil, traditional lemonade and mint. The mint and strawberry basil were incredible.

Best of girls

We continuously ate and drank the night away, but managed to take a long enough break for some silly photos.

Say Cheese

The party continued at Graffito afterwards. We were still hungry after Best of (not sure how that is possible) so we ordered a Jersey Shore and an American Pie; the Jersey Shore was amazing (I inhaled it).

After Party

I highly recommend going next year, we had a ball! As you can see there was so much to experience; I don’t think this post can do it justice You will have to go experience it for yourself next year! Congratulations to all the restaurants and the Washingontian team on a fantastic job.

photo cred: Revamp

Photo courtesy of Revamp

PS My friends and I managed to make it on a couple of blogs’ coverage of the event. If you get a chance you should check them out, because their 200+ photos do the event more justice!

Gatsby Darling


I can’t wait for the  “Great Gatsby” premiere, I’m weirdly obsessed with the 20’s and I feel like there is such a correlations between today’s generation and the 20’s. So I was very excited when a co-worker passed along to me that Brooks Brother’s did a Great Gatsby inspired collection.

1. Z : A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler 

2. Midnight in Paris 

3.  Dress : Alice and Olivia (old) 

4. Oxford Shoes: Steve Madden ( old, similar here

P.S. listen to the soundtrack here, my favorite tracks are All We Got and Crazy in Love.

Down by the Bayou

Recently I have been itching to head back down to NOLA , I know why would you want to go to NOLA now the weather is terrible during the summer! But I’ve been craving beignets, hurricanes (the drink not the weather) and the nightlife. If you ask anyone who has been to NOLA for Mardi Gras they will tell you it’s the best and worst time they have ever had. Best time because you can drink in the streets and anything goes. Worst because you do nothing but party for days on end (that is if you are doing it correctly) and you liver/body hates you.  Lucky for there are people in the DC area who share my love for New Orleans, so this weekend I will be heading out to Bayou bakery and picking up some beignets. While in NOLA I waited in line for an hour and 1/2 to get beignets from the legendary Cafe du Monde of course I sipped cocktails the whole time I was line, which made the experience actually bearable, so the bar is set pretty high (maybe impossibly so).

Dats uh big alluhgatuh 

Can’t take it with you

“Hoarders” is such a  popular and thats because we all have trouble with parting with our possessions, as I transitioned my closet from winter to spring I decided to do some spring cleaning and donate some of my clothing, shoes and purses. Someone once told me that a good rule of thumb is “every time you buy something new you should remove something you no longer use” that way your wardrobe is always current and there isn’t a chance that will become barricaded in your home. Now you can either to donate your clothing to charity or so resell it at a consignment shop either way you shouldn’t ever throw anything away. Sometimes your wardrobe can seem utterly exhausted and all your clothes seem out of date, but that isn’ always the case you just need a fresh pair of eyes. 

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Neon Lights

The New Year is upon and that can only mean 1 thing that its time for our favorite stores to receive their ’12 spring lines ( makes perfect sense who isn’t wearing a bikini in January?) So a major trend for the new spring season is neon colors. These bright color pallets can be seen in almost every major designers runway shows. From color block dresses to the monochrom neon outfits, these BRIGHT color pallets are reflective of the trends in music, travel and tv. These fun, flirty and loud colors are a perfect addition for your spring and summer wardrobe. More of an all black kind of girl or not into following the trends? Try working these brights into your wardrobe in small ways ( like blets, purses, nail or accessories) Check out some of my new favs:

Alice + Olivia


Bar Lil Belt

Rag and Bone


For me there is nothing better than putting on a pair of gorgeous pair of stiletto booties (especially from Michael Kors, that is my version of nirvana). This love affair with shoes seems to be a common sentiment amongst women  (hence why we are willing to pay $700 for a pair of Choos) I mean seriously you could have gotten an ipad or a Dell computer for that amount. But there is nothing better than that “Devil Wears Prada” moment, when other bitches look down at your tootsies and practically have a shoegasm just from looking at your pumps. That look of envy that they give you…. is almost worth the money. Because let’s be serious it’s the little things in life that get us through.


Kors by Michael Kors

Jimmy Choo