Happy Birthday America!

Hopefully you all enjoyed the Fourth of July festivities as much as my friends and I did yesterday. We spent the whole day celebrating our nation’s birthday and being O so ‘Murician.


At every Nats  game after the 4th inning there is a thing called the “President’s Race.” Abe, George, Teddy and FDR all race each other around the baseball diamond. This is definitely  one of my favorite parts of  the game. Luckily we were able to snag a quick picture with Abe before his big race. Fittingly,  George Washington, won yesterday’s President’s race, better luck next time Abe!


Our view from the behind homeplate at the Nats game. Winning the game was an extra bonus!

The Gang

The whole gang hanging out in the diamond club trying to escape the 90 degree heat.


We baked our girl, America, a very special birthday cake!

We ended the night by watching the fireworks exploding over the memorials. Hope you had a wonderful 4th!

P.S.- This PBR commercial is hilarious it makes me laugh every time I watch it, enjoy!