#Throw Back Thursday

I have noticed a recent running trend in my closet; I own so many pieces that pay homage to 1960’s (like this). These 1960’s trends have been reemerging in fashion, television, advertisements and photography and I don’t hate it! The flattering silhouettes, bright colors, bold patterns and costume jewelry are the perfect tie-ins for summer.  I featured some of my favorite 1960’s inspired dresses; their tailoring, color, and fit make them the ideal for summer work or play.


This dress is from Lilly Pulitzer, shoes are from Kate Spade (old,  but here are a similar version) and the purse is a no-name vintage.

DSC_0219shh… I stole this from my mom’s closet a while back, she got it in NYC when she was just 22 and Im obsessed.


earrings from j.crew outlet (old, but find similar here)

LadyThis is a photo of when my mom first came to America when she was 18, she is my ultimate fashion inspiration. #tbt


Hopeless Romantic

I know this title conjures up images of rom-coms, love notes and happily ever after, but what I actually am referring to is more philosophical (more of a state of mind). To me someone who is a “romantic” is whimsical, believes in the improbable, loves the idea of something and has an ethereal quality in their fashion sense( aka these song lyrics) . (Think Gil from Midnight in Paris) I am definitely guilty of romanticizing so many of aspects of my life (which isn’t always a good thing) . Here are some things (books, fashions etc) that reminds me of the hopeless romantic .

1. Amory from This Side of Paradise by F.Scott Fitzgerald- This main character is in “Love” with the idea of love.

2. This lipstick– The softness of the color reminds me of an celestial mermaid (not really sure what that would look like, maybe an angel that mated with a mermaid?)

3. The new Essie nail polish collection- My favorite is the lavender hue

4. Cucumber Mint Gimlet – Because who doesn’t love a good gin based drink

5. Suprise Surprise these Michael Kors shoes – I mean I only have fantasy’s about them

So, don’t let anyone give you shit for going through your “post adolescent idealistic phase” thanks Clueless for the sound advice.


For me there is nothing better than putting on a pair of gorgeous pair of stiletto booties (especially from Michael Kors, that is my version of nirvana). This love affair with shoes seems to be a common sentiment amongst women  (hence why we are willing to pay $700 for a pair of Choos) I mean seriously you could have gotten an ipad or a Dell computer for that amount. But there is nothing better than that “Devil Wears Prada” moment, when other bitches look down at your tootsies and practically have a shoegasm just from looking at your pumps. That look of envy that they give you…. is almost worth the money. Because let’s be serious it’s the little things in life that get us through.


Kors by Michael Kors

Jimmy Choo